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Baccarat is a classic game which first played in France in the later 17th century but now this game has been played all over the world. Baccarat has the fun and excitement for the players of this game. This is the game where you have to concentrate on your hand fully and if you think that you have a greater hand than the banker's hand then you can bet a lot on your hand and have large winnings. The rules are so easy of this game that anyone can memorize those within an hour. So don't be scared about these rules and have fun of the game. There are many casinos where you can play different types of baccarat but the main rules of these games are the same so you don't need to worry about that. You can play the game in both online and land based casinos but the excitement and thrilling are the same in both options.

Rules of Baccarat

This is a game for highly betting and huge excitement and the payouts are larger than any other casino games. The rules are simple. There are two parties among the game, one is the players and other is the banker. Banker deals the cards usually but you bet on both opponents. For the bakers hand bets you have to pay 5% commission to the casino because bankers hand slightly high odds of winning than the player's hand.

The values of cards are different than the blackjack but the rules have same attitude. You have to make a score of 9 or near 9 without exceeding 9 to win the game. 2 to 9 points cards have the same face value where all the face cards and 10 cards have the value zero and the ace has the value 1. If you score over ten like 15 then your real score will be 15-10=5 and that will be your hand score. Baccarat doesn't have the rule bust like the blackjack and the rules are quite different than blackjack so you have to learn the rules clearly to play the game. You can't just play the game without knowing the rules because it will guarantee your losing in the game if you don't know rules before start playing the games. There are good baccarat tips, which help you in the winning.

Betting Strategies

Bet small amount at the beginning of the game and if you win a game then slightly increase your betting amount in the next game. If you want to bet on the banker's hand then do that but you will have to pay 5% commission on banker's hand if you win the game. Don't bet on a tie game even if you get offer of higher payouts because tie hand has higher odds of losing the game. It is similar to the roulette online.