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Craps is a game full of fun and excitement. This is a game where no strategy works well and you have to make your bet based on your luck. The game played by two dices and each dice has 6 sides with 1 to 6 value so two dices have 12 sides and the lowest value will be 1+1=2 and the highest value will be 6+6=12 and these two number has the only one opportunity to be appeared in the game because if you bet on 2 then 2 can only appear if each dice has the same value 1 and so for the 12 value.

Where to Play

Craps is a game which you can in the land based traditional casinos and also in the online casinos. There are thousands of online casinos are on the internet and most of them offer playing craps on their casino. Before starting the game you must learn all the rules and tips for craps because if you play the game without knowing the rules then surely you will lose the game. There are many websites where you can get enough information and tips for the game craps. So don't have to panic that the rules are hard, the truth is craps rules are relatively simple than many other casino games, just compare it to the blackjack rules and strategies.

Tips to Play Craps

  1. Choose a betting procedure and always follow the procedure you are losing the game because this will help you to regain your amount.
  2. Play the come and don't come and pass and don't pass bets only if you want to last longer in the game.
  3. Bet on high odds if you want to win easily.
  4. When win raise your bet but when lose lower your bet.
  5. Don't stop playing if you win the game.
  6. Respects all the players and don't underestimate their ability to win the game.
  7. You have to bet on 6 and 8 only if the craps table is shifting and circumvent and you have to use the don't pass betting procedure.
  8. Follow the player who wins the game most and if he sticks to win then always let your bet amount small unless he starts losing.
  9. Don't use the service of place bets unless you win the game.
  10. Before making any bet check the craps table and other player's positions.
  11. If you aren't the shooter then don't stick around the shooting place.