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Craps is a popular game and this game has been played with two dices. Each dice has 6 sides with 1-6 points. That is the point you have to bet on. Two dices have been thrown by the shooter and you have to bet on a point which can be appeared with the two dices. Though every dice has 6 sides so you have to bet on 2 to 12 points where 2 and 12 can only appeared one time only where other value can be appear with different values. 2 will occur if the dices have the same value 1+1=2 and 12 will occur if the two dices have the same value 6+6=12. Other point like 7 can be appeared as 3+4=7, 5+2=7 and 6+1=7. So betting on 2 and 12 will be risky but certainly it will bring you more money than other bets. It is a kind of game you'll enjoy most at live casinos, but playing at best casino online is also an option.

Rules of Craps

This game has some simple rules but people think that it has some deadly rules which you can't memorize easily. This is the wrong thinking about this game, rules are really simple about this game and you just have to memorize when you can bet or not. You can bet on every part of the game and this will give a lot options to think where you can bet.

People think that memorizing these rules is difficult but if you play the game then you will be clear about each rule of the craps. If you learn all the rules about craps surely this will help to earn extra money than other people who don't know or know a little about those rules. If you know the rules of craps fully then you will know that what is the best time to bet and when can you bet higher or lower than you usually bet. The rules are really simple, just like in baccarat.

If you are a new player then it will be better if you start betting with smaller amount and after a few games you will learn the game well with practical experience then you will have the knowledge about the betting and total procedure about the game. This is a game of luck only so you must put faith on your luck but there are some tips and strategies which can help you to reduce the losing of your money and also increase the payouts of you from the game.

Online Craps Rules

The rules are same for the both online casino craps and land based casino craps. You don't need to know any new rule for online craps you just need to know about playing craps with the software of that particular online casino.