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Online gambling is a trend. A trend taken up by millions of people worldwide. Millions of people of different ages, genders, backgrounds, preferences. And all this only proves how global the pastime has become, how far the Internet has brought it and how wide a range of customers it can serve now.

The easy accessibility of online gambling is what makes it so convenient and popular. But also, the variety of games on offer is the major interest trigger. Some of the most popular genres that can be found online involve online bingo and online poker. These two not only attract enormous numbers of players, but different demographics as well.

Namely, it is widely believed that of all the people who play bingo online, a great majority are women older than 40. Perhaps that’s why so many bingo sites have that girly, pink look, obviously targeting those demographics. However, as time goes by, younger punters, both male and female, seem to occupy higher and higher percentages of the online bingo community, thus bringing more diversity to it. On the other hand, online poker is preferred by people of all ages – but most of them are men. Ladies do play online poker, and some of them have even built a name for themselves in the game, but when you sit at a table in your average virtual poker room, it’s likely you’ll find more men than women there.

And while it may seem that it’s not age that makes a difference in the selection of games but rather gender, as the popularity of online gambling in general grows, players’ interests expand and these gender-specific playing preferences get more and more diminished.