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Blackjack Overview

Blackjack is one of the most played games in most of the casinos in this modern world. Though this game has played broadly in the present time but it has an important past which everyone needs to know before start playing the game. This game is popular from the 17th century when it had first played in France and later after the revolution of France this game was brought to United States by some gamblers of France. Since then this game got huge popularity and the popularity become larger in every year and now it has this popularity. There are blackjack rules that you must follow to play the game. You must know every rule clearly to have greater odds to win the game.

Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack has some simple rules to play the game. The main rules of blackjack are that if you score 21 or near 21 without exceeding 21 and the score is higher than dealer hand then you will win the game otherwise the result will be against your bet. The bust terms come in this because by exceeding score 21. That means you will be busted and the dealer will win the game if you score over 21 so you have to keen about your score. The dealer dealt 2 cards first and you can increase or decrease by checking your cards and also the dealer's up card. If you have lower score then you can hit to one more card and if you have enough score and you can stand that you need no more cards. The dealer can draw cards unless he has a point 17 and if he has that then he must stand.

Values of Cards

The card 2 to 9 have the same face values that means if your card is 7 then your score or point will be 7. All the face cards and 10 cards have the value 10 and the ace has the value 1 or 11. Ace will be recognizing as 1 if your hand has a point over 10 but if you have the point 10 or less then ace will be presumed as 11. The ace and a 10 valued card will format the blackjack and if the dealer has the total point 21 with 3 cards and you have blackjack you win.

The Soft Handsand the Hard Hands

For a soft hand ace will have the value 1 or 11 because if you have score over 10 then you can count the ace as 1 otherwise 11. For a hard hand you don't have the choice but count the ace as 1 because if you have 7, 8 and the ace then you will be busted if you count the ace as 11. so a hand which contains 7 & 8 or 6 & 7 will be called as hard hand.

When all the bets are made then the game will be started and every player will be given 2 cards also the dealer will get 2 cards one is face up another is face down. After completing the dealing dealer will start playing the game. You can also try baccarat.