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The online gaming industry is one of the most fiercely competitive in the world. So what makes one site win out and another go to the wall? After all, the market in some of the most developed markets in the world is already pretty saturated – but some sites still seem to go on from strength to strength.

They just seem to have what it takes to tap into the collective zeitgeist of the times. They’re the kind of sites that get everything right – the branding, the promotions, the graphics, the special offers and, more than anything else, the games themselves.

As the old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. Such is the case with many sites which spend fortunes on advertising but whose content just isn’t up to the mark. One quick way of analysing what makes a site successful is to look more closely at one of the world’s fastest-growing online gaming sites.

This is a site that just seems to fit everything together into the perfect jigsaw – including its bold and innovative move into slots gaming via Facebook.

Online casino's brand ethos is a kitsch one that really seems to appeal to its main target market; British young people and particularly women in the 18-30 range. The brand uses iconic British star Babs Windsor to front its ads and these really tap into the right collective mind-set. But then the games and graphics are brilliant too, as are the special offers which are truly generous.

So, too, are the progressive jackpots on offer which are very clearly marked on each slot game and which regularly run into truly life-changing amounts of money. And when such an amount is landed by a lucky punter, some of the online casinos have really something good to offer.

What it perhaps does more than anything else, though, is to continually come up with new innovations as witnessed by its big move into free slots on Facebook last year since when over eight million people have played their slots games for virtual cash only.

Many sites should certainly learn a lot from way of doing business in today’s competitive online gaming industry.